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Personal Observation: The Exciting World of Mobile Marketing

May 1, 2010

Having been a marketer for companies large and small for over 20 years, I believe I’ve been involved at some point with just about every marketing medium that exists.  While each medium is interesting and has its challenges, I have to admit, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been as excited about working with a medium as I am about working with Mobile Marketing!

I’m really enjoying being on the cutting-edge of this emerging medium, and have taken a great deal of satisfaction out of building a mobile website for my company, generating a QR code to link people to the mobile site from various other media, and building a database of mobile followers that have opted-in to my company’s Mobile Club.  I’m enjoying the challenge of discovering new ways to use this medium every day.

I’m currently participating in training with the author of ‘The Mobile Marketing Handbook’ and will receive Mobile Marketing Certification from her shortly, and soon plan to obtain my certification from the Mobile Marketing Association.  I spend time every day reading how others are using the medium, locating new vendors, and participating in demo webinars with a wide variety of those vendors.  I even interviewed some of the industry’s best known individuals and leaders on my radio show!

Conducting research for the many blog articles I have written on the topic has proven to be quite educational, and I’m happy to share that information with anyone who’s interested in the hope they’ll become as excited about Mobile Marketing as I am.  I can honestly say that Mobile Marketing has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for marketing, and that is very exciting indeed!


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