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Co-Founded Mobile Monday – Michigan Chapter

July 17, 2010

As I have become more and more involved over the last several years in the Mobile Technology industry, it has become increasingly evident to me that the industry is evolving so fast that there really is no way to keep up with all the changes going on around you.

Further, as a resident of Michigan, it has also become evident to me that there is a very strong contingent of people involved in the mobile industry in our State but very few of them are connected to each other.  This prevents the growth of the industry, the development of jobs, and the economic growth that would result from a more structured industry presence.

As a result of these observations, I made a decision to start a Mobile Monday chapter in Michigan.  Upon doing some research I found that there was a fledgling group just getting started in Ann Arbor (where much of the mobile technology development is taking place), so I reached out and we have decided to join forces – making a state-wide chapter instead of a locally-based chapter.

We’re just getting started but we already have over 50 members, and the group is generating a great deal of media interest.  We’ve already had one news article written, and received inquiries from several other members of the media.

Our goal is to facilitate jobs creation via mobile industry growth throughout the State, thereby resulting in economic growth.  If you are working in the mobile industry, or would like to learn how to use mobile technology to market your company effectively, or you just want to learn what it’s all about, we’d love to have you!  You can see our website/blog at and you can join the group (no membership fee) via our Meetup group at .  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN as well!


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