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  • Founded state-wide mobile/wireless technologies networking organization that achieved 1000+ members in less than 1 year; and currently boasts approximately 3000 members.
  • Founded and currently manages state-wide mobile/wireless technologies non-profit trade association, including: 4 regional Mobile Monday Michigan chapters hosting approximately 40 events annually and serving almost 10,000 attendees to-date, 6 statewide Advisory Councils, several hundred members from individuals and small businesses to enterprise-level firms.
  • Facilitated statewide conferences focused on the use of mobile/wireless technologies in industries including Healthcare, Transportation and more
  • Developed / administered annual Marketing  budgets for each employer; largest budget at $25M on annual revenue of $300M.
  • Implemented cost –savings / revenue generation programs to resolve inherited over-balance budget challenge; increased vendor advertising revenue by over 350%, decreased production costs by 57%, required bidding on all projects reducing costs on some projects by 80%, initiated staff re-organization to increase productivity and decrease staff required – reduced staff by 5 while increasing productivity and deliverables substantially.
  • Directed Webmaster in development of website and eMarketing initiative improvements resulting in:  150% increase in monthly unique visitors to website, 50% increase in conversion rate to store locator, and 250% increase in new visits for semi-monthly newsletter/ad program.
  • Initiated geographic re-targeting of print advertising program for auto parts retailer, resulted in:  $1.2M annual expense decrease, 32% increased distribution, 5.6% comp store sales increase during first year.
  • Managed marketing activities for variety of retail entities including 200-unit franchise chain and 382-unit international personal services chain.
  • Developed / implemented Grand Re-opening strategy for shopping center with 5-state market area, resulting in:   200K attendance at opening events, $120K value in PR coverage, and store sales increases up to 31%.
  • Planned / negotiated media buys in markets throughout U.S. including TV campaign resulting in 17.2% increase in comp store sales.
  • Initiated departmental systems / processes to increase efficiency and productivity at franchised wireless retailer; resulted in 48% increase in processed franchisee requests while achieving 35% departmental cost reduction.
  • Re-engineered budget allocation and tracking procedures at furniture / electronics retailer (internal and external) to insure accuracy and monthly compliance; solved inherited problem of monthly expenditure overages averaging $300K on a $25M annual budget.
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